2007 - The Year of Spending Dangerously! travel blog

Trip research - beer required

What to do on Tuesday when it snows on Monday

Where NOT to ski - avalanche!

Black Prince

Up track - it was a long, steep one!

Tree well wipe-out!

End of the day

Many people have asked us how we are spending our time and filling our days now that we are not working. Not working can be really busy and sometimes we're not sure how we fit work in before! In general, we're not bored, not missing work and most importantly, not at each other's throats!

A typical day starts with getting up (not at 6:00 am anymore!), having a leisurely breakfast, checking email and reading the news, then we head to the gym or out for a run. It is great to be able to work out when you have lots of energy and don't have to rush. By the time we're done and showered, it's usually time for lunch! Aside from our ski trips and our visit to the Okanagan, we've spent most of the rest of our time planning a trip to Europe. This has taken more time than expected because we decided to do most of the research ahead of time and get everything booked so that we can just enjoy it while we're there. It takes away a bit of the spontaneity you get if you just wing it but we were finding that the places we want to visit were really busy in the spring and we wanted to make sure we didn't miss out. So we've been reading guide books, doing on-line research about locations, checking travel reviews of hotels, checking different booking websites for the best deal, booking hotels and rental cars etc. Hopefully it will all pay off!

We've also spent some time at our place in Canmore and taken advantage of being able to get the fresh powder after a mid-week dump of snow. We've attached some photos of a day trip to Mount Black Prince in the Kananaskis.

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