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Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

Our Campsite in Sitting Bull Campground

Lee Ann & Onyx, Sitting Bull Campground in the Bighorn Mtns, Wyoming

Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, Cody, Wyoming

Museum, Cody

Museum grounds

Sage Grouse

Sage grouse hen


A baby!

Pronghorn Antelope, they are plentiful in Wyoming!!

Large Elk, saw two grazing by riverbed yesterday but too far away...

Guess he's got an itch! Moose

Big cat, little bird!

Grizzly Bear

This wolf has him a treat!

Mountain sheep

A little red fox!



Indian Museum-Lakota TiPi

Check out this bead work!

Nice outfit!

Beautiful! Lots of work on these moccasins

The Irma Hotel built by Buffalo Bill in 1902

Cast of Wild West Show

Here come the sherrif!

Buffalo Bill confronting the bad guys!

Oops, had to shoot him!

Buffalo Bill Reservoir

Area by our campground- beautiful!

Just love these rocks!

Our campground in Wapiti

The rig 2 spaces down! Awesome!

We left South Dakota on Thursday, August 29th and traveled for 4 hrs. Wow, it was quite a pull for the rig & we were ready for a break so we stopped at Sitting Bull National Campground in the BigHorn Mtns for the night. Found a great campsite & got a good rest. Posting a couple of photos of our site. Saw a couple of does & 3 bucks. So beautiful.

We moved out the following morning & arrived in Cody, Wyoming in the afternoon. What a quaint unique town & we decided we would stay in this area for 2 nights. We located a Passport America RV Campground in a town 20 miles outside of Cody in a small town Wapiti. It is very small, only 10 RV sites but it is quiet & only $15 a night.

We went into town this afternoon & decided to go to the Buffalo Bill Museum. It is actually 5 museums in one & huge! We spent a lot of time in the Wildlife Museum & we took several photos in there.

We are sharing some of them with you, because these animals are all from this area & many times the photos we get of the wildlife just aren't that great. Hope you enjoy seeing these as much as we did. There was also a gun museum, an Indian museum, Buffalo Bill museum. Wow, too much for 1 day!

We were headed back to the truck when we noticed they were having a shootout at the Irma Hotel downtown. Built by Buffalo Bill in 1902, legends of the west ate, drank & slept there. They do the show every night where Buffalo Bill held his tryouts for the Wild West Show! Fun....

It is now Tuesday & we have extended 3 times! Even though there are not many folks around (even though the temperature is wonderful-75 degrees) we decided to wait for the Labor day holiday to be over. There are only 2 of us left today! The rig pictured in the photos was beautiful. Bob Hanus has carried the cross over 14,000 miles throughout every state in the entire United States (except Hawaii) and throughout Canada & Mexico. He has been carrying the cross since 1993. The wheel on the end of the cross helps keep the wood from wearing out, a.k.a. "Holy Roller." If you would like to see more you can go to

We have made 2 runs into Yellowstone Park through the East entrance & taken lots of photos. So, I am going to limit this post to just the photos taken in Cody with a separate post for Yellowstone.

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