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Solar Power array

Time for an oil change on the rig... Our departure from the Nashville Area was delayed a bit. Our next "real" stop on the itinerary is 277 miles away. So we broke it up with an overnight stop at a farm in the Tennessee hills (actually this place was literally across the street from Georgia. Anyway, this was sort of a farm but rented by a young couple. The are trying to develop a business by providing different camping options including big rigs like us. Seems they are looking for people that like their camping on the "roughing it" side. For ten bucks they did provided us with electric service which was nice because we really need the AC when we first got there. Patti bought a couple of things to round out the "bargain to purchase something" that is a Harvest Host hallmark. Interesting place, would not mind checking with them in a couple of years to see how far some the ideas go.

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