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Lincoln's home is located in a four square block area that is...

main parlor

tour guide claims that the banister was touched frequently by Lincoln

actual desk used by Lincoln at home

Mary's chamber pot (no indoor facilities)

at the RR station where Lincoln bid farewell to Springfield


This was a guided tour of the home that Lincoln and his family lived in for 17 years up to his leaving for the inauguration in Washington. I was clear that he was quite affluent as he made several upgrades to the home during their time there. Many stories pertaining to his children... he loved to be with them and evidently was not much of a disciplinarian. One interesting note was that Lincoln's surviving son donated the building to the state (and ultimately the Park Service) with the stipulation that people could visit it without charge. Still true today! Winding up our stay in Springfield, Patti and I both thought it was pretty inspirational to walk where one of the greatest Presidents strode.

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