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We spent the day touring in the Bonavista area. This morning we started in Trinity, a small, very old coastal town. There are several of the oldest wooden churches in Newfoundland found here. We did a walking tour of the town centre, before moving north to Elliston, home of the Puffin and the root cellar capital of the world. The Annual Bird Island Puffin Festival is taking place this week. There were tour buses and lots of tourists admiring the puffins today. They are smaller than I thought, but a neat little bird.

For lunch we travelled to Bonavista. We have found many small mom and pop type restaurants, that are making delicious home cooked meals. We usually order seafood, after all we are on the coast. The fish is always fresh, and always good. John Cabot, in 1497 landed at Bonavista, which is what he said after months at sea when he saw land at Bonavista, meaning good view or happy to see. He was an italian travelling on a writ by the King of England. I don’t remember that from school history.

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