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Glenna and Ria after their sculpture shopping


Crow Head Lighthouse


Sculptor James


Today we went exploring the area around Twillingate. The scenery was beautiful, although very hilly. Norm and I took the truck off-roading and searched out an iceberg in a nearby bay. I’ve included a couple of pictures. We drove up to the town of Crow Head and saw the lighthouse and viewed off the cliffs down to the ocean with the icebergs and whale touring boats. We had a nice lunch at the Crow’s Nest Cafe, a nice little cafe perched on the side of the hill with a beautiful view of the bay from their outdoor patio.

Glenna and Ria went on a walking tour and found a sculptor and his studio on the shoreline. They both got a sculpture ( see pictures) and got invited back for afternoon drinks on his dock. I think Norm and I better tag along to keep an eye on them.

We went and visited James Antsey ( The sculpture ) and his wife Allison. They have a studio right on the water. We had a great visit, and picked up lots of interesting things about Newfoundlanders. He’s a retired surveyor and she a nurse. One interesting thing that I didn’t understand was gardens along the road. We would come across nice gardens along the road in the middle of nowhere and couldn’t figure why they were there. It turns out as they were building the road, they would come across peat bogs that they would excavate and move to the side of the road in order to build the road foundation. These were very fertile soils, and locals would put their gardens quite a distance from their home to grow their vegetables. Anyway another cool thing about Newfoundland.

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