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young woodchuck

mama and 3 year-old cubs

boy scouts and their trash

a see-thru kayak!

lots of kayaks in one shot

Amy is ready to go!

long safety talk

starting to launch

Here they come!

more ...

still more ...

the end of the line

coming in to TMR

shin deep in mud

getting ready to move on

While walking on the towpath trail to pull and bag invasive mullein plants, I came upon a small woodchuck who thought it was hiding from me in the bushes. Small, young woodchucks are cute.

While sending messages to friends one night at the nearest spot I can find to get phone service, I looked up and saw 4 black bears walking in front of my car! I got the camera going in time to get a shot of them walking past me – you can see that I hang out at a service station in PA after work!

This is also the weekend for the annual Sojourn on the Delaware sponsored by the National Canoe Safety Patrol and the NPS. This is their 25th year and I hope to get a t-shirt this year. They don’t always have extras for us who aren’t going on the river. During the first day, I led a boy scout troop down to our southern end of the park – Sparrowbush – to clean up the access because the Sojourn was going to be there on Monday. They did a good job so I led them on a hike at Mongaup parallel to the Mongaup River to Knight’s Cemetery. I found out that one of the older boys decided to put another dent in the compact fridge we found at the access and ended up with a swollen hand. I was feeling bad, thinking he got bit by a bug on our impromptu hike, but was relieved in a way that it was of his own doing. He and the other boys learned a lesson that day!

I was able to drive a ranger and an intern to the Sojourn's first put in on the river – Narrowsburg – so I could take pictures while there and from the Narrowsburg bridge. I had to leave my camera with a female member of the NCSP who was also taking pictures because I was called back before most of them launched. She got the pictures for me.

Then, I was at Ten Mile River (TMR) when they stopped for snacks and a break. I just love seeing all those kayaks and canoes all together going down the river.

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