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Today we toured the most northwestern part of Zion National Park, Kolob Canyon. It was a longer drive from here than the main part of the park. The wonderful scenery made it worth the drive, but once we got there, we wished the access road inside the park was longer, because it was so dramatically beautiful. We took a hike from the highest point and had great views the whole way. When you look at the rock formations, it is clear that they used to be at the bottom of the sea and now are tipped up at all sorts of crazy angles. It makes the theories of continental drift and uplift of colliding tectonic plates come alive. It's amazing how solid rock can convey such a feeling of motion.

It's hard to know how to dress these days. In Hurricane where we are staying, it is still warm. The roses are blooming and many subdivisions have palm trees. But as we drove up, up, up to Kolob Canyon, we watched the temperature plummet to 40ยบ. It's nice to have a large car which we have filled with all sorts of outerwear and shoe possibilities depending on what we run into. Today we wore them all.

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