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Folks came streaming into Sister Bay

We spent the day with some of our closest friends

Those are colorful shoes!

Fish in a bag soap

The steps in making wooden shoes

Lots to choose from

Pumkin pie in a cup was delicious

Goats keep the roof of Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in good shape

Cookies were decorated and donated from all around the world

Wonderful designs

Every cookie was unique

They even have color-it-yourself cookies with the colors provided on the cookie

So many hats!

This wonderful art is all made of paper

Ready for winter

Sister Bay, WI Today was the 71st annual Fall Fest in Sister Bay. What began as a celebration and reward for the Door County tourist workers after a busy summer season has evolved into one of the largest weekend celebrations on the peninsula. Cars streamed into town and parking was at a premium but we managed to find a spot that was less than a 10 minute walk from the festivities. We used Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant as a landmark since the goats grazing on the grass roof were easy to spot! Festivities include a parade, arts & crafts fair, food booths, chainsaw carving demonstrations, live entertainment, Pumpkin Bowling and a Goat Toss. The last 2 are not until Saturday so we are in the dark as to what they entail. We also learned about a cool charitable foundation for childhood cancer. They got cookie artists from all over the world to decorate and donate cookies for the Fall Fest. The cookies were absolutely amazing. Each one was unique. And they were delicious.

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