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the motel renamed in 1974

the Henry Lawson museum in Gulgong

an Arc Projector in the Pioneers Museum - RonP used to operate...

te toy exhibit in the museum

Wednesday 14th Sep - in Gulgong - museums

Not moving today so we can have a lazy morning, RonG took the weather bureau seriously and put an annex end up to cope with the heavy rain expected. (Seriously now, I ask you, why would anyone take the weather bureau seriously??) Actually , it did start raining mid afternoon, but wasn’t too heavy. We headed into the town after lunch.

This is the town (Gulgong) that used to be featured on the original $10 notes (i.e. the paper ones).

It showed a side profile of Henry Lawson (the poet) plus etchings of various buildings from the town. The town certainly plays up to this degree of fame. Even the motel was renamed in 1974 to the “Ten Dollar Town Motel”. Our first port of call was the Henry Lawson museum which has been set up in the original Salvation Army church building.

Many had told us to be sure to see the Pioneers Museum which we headed to next. The whole museum complex comprises many old buildings linked together and turned into displays to show off their vast amount collection of “things” from bygone eras. It is quite unsettling to keep seeing items which we or our parents used in our childhood. It was not hard to wile away a couple of hours wandering through the complex.

Just up the street we found Stacks Downunder, a huge variety store in the basement under the IGA supermarket. It would be almost twice the size of a normal “Reject” store. The shop had very low clearance height and lots of head bumpers to warn you to duck. Our friend DonB would have felt most uncomfortable walking around wondering which beam was going to “attack” his head. Above was the IGA where we renewed the supplies and headed home for a very wet night.

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