What We See Out The Motorhome Windows

What We See Out The Motorhome Windows

What We See Out The Motorhome Windows

What We See Out The Motorhome Windows

Ross & Marge left Eureka, Montana around 0845 and were at the US/Canada Border around 0900. The customs agent asked for their passports and asked Marge to stand up so he could see her. The agent then asked what town they lived in and if they had any fire arms on-board. The agent then asked their destination in Canada and how long they planned to remain in Canada. He then returned the passports and said have a nice trip and then said, "Welcome home." to Marge.

Ross had inventoried all the alcoholic beverages and summed up each category, beer, wine, and hard cider and converted each item into liters but the agent didn't ask about anything else so all that highly complicated mathematical exercise Ross went through was for naught. Oh well, at least Ross was prepared.

Ross had planned on trying to get into the campground in Radium Hot Springs but Marge was looking at the map and the Good Sam book and stumbled onto the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. The write-up in the Good Sam book said the campground had over 200 sites, and a large percentage with water, 50 amp electric, sewer and cable. The park was about 20 kilometers south (closer) of Radium Hot Springs so if the campground was full or wasn't as good as the write-up they could leave and drive to Radium Hot Springs. As it turns out the Fairmont resort seemed to be even better than the write-up and they signed up for two nights. The scenery at our campsite is spectacular and Ross took several photos of what they see out their windows and those photos are included in this report.

They checked into the campground around 1130 and around 1400 they drove 20 kilometers to the town of Invermere where there is a Tim Horton's. Marge bought six muffins and they both had some tea before returning to the campground.

After returning to the campground they walked around the facility that included the pool where the hot spring water keeps one section at 102 degrees, another at 85 degrees and the smallest pool is about 105 degrees. They walked to the Spa where Ross signed up for deep muscle massage at 1415 tomorrow.

They returned to the motorhome and Marge started dinner while Ross feed and walked the dog. After dinner they walked to the pool and they soaked in the 102 degree pool for about an hour. Ross had to run back to the motorhome because it started to rain and they had left the bedroom open. Ross opened the bedroom awning so the window could remain open and no rain would get into the motorhome.

The roadway today was great after we crossed the border. Traffic was light and the weather was good. There was no rain but the sky was overcast and the temperature was estimated to be in the high 60's or low 70's with absolutely no wind. The scenery is mostly heavy tree forest with numerous open areas that were either under cultivation or being used by cattle for grazing. The residents in those rural areas have a great number of horses and all the horses seemed to be in really good condition. (Not that Ross is an expert in horse flesh. They just looked good.)

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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