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It's been a month since we have made an entry and some of you may be wondering what's been happening.

We have been living our lives around doctors and hospitals. Rick's back pain never got any better after our Emergency Room visit in Newport, so we had an appointment with his regular doctor on April 4. That's when everything started happening.

After a week of finding some pain relief from seeing a local chiropractor and Dr. ordered blood tests, Rick had an upper GI scope, then a CT scan and finally an MRI and blood transfusion, ending in admission into the hospital on the 15th.

On the 16th he had a spinal bone marrow biopsy. Diagnosis: spinal infection and L3 vertabrae fracture. Speculation is that the infection was held in check while he was on antibiotics October through December. Then as soon as there were no more antibiotics the bacteria began to grow causing pain by the third week of January - when he thought he hurt his back wrestling the propane tanks out of the fifth-wheel. As the infection grew it damaged the vertebrae.

He was discharged from the hospital on the 20th, but it is far from over.

As of this date nothing has grown in the biopsy culture so the exact bacteria has yet to be identified. We have been told that some "bugs" don't show up for up to six weeks.

He is now on a six-week course of daily IV anitibiotics that we are able to administer at home in addition to the multiple prescription drugs. At least once a week he has a doctor appointment; the regular Dr and/or the spine specialist.

The spine specialist anticipates that once the course of antibiotics is complete he will have to insert cement into the damaged area of the vertebrae. We are praying that that treatment will be the end of this medical journey.

We are safely living in the fire station again and are so grateful that they are allowing us to live here while he is unable to respond to fires.

I started working on the 15th; part-time with flexible hours. Land Title and Escrow had a project they needed help with so I only needed to make one phone call. Hurrah! With high unemployment I was hoping for just about anything, so landing back with the old employer was a God-send.

Anna has made the adjustment just fine, although she scratches a lot from dry skin and low humidity. Going from 90+% to 30% humidity has taken it's toll.

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