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We left Medina Lake a few days early. Conroe is just north of Houston and just south of Livingston. This location allows us to visit Dan's Dad and kids without being too close. Dan played golf with John and he spent the night so we had a nice visit. We also went to Leonard and Evelyn's twice. We spent the night during each visit so we were able to again have a marathon pollyanna tournament. This time Dan and Leonard were the tournament champs. We also went to an Astro's baseball game with Leonard, John, and Danelle. The game was fun but it is just too expensive to really enjoy the outing. It cost us $26 for each ticket, plus $20 to park, and they wanted $7 for a beer, $4 for a soda/water, and $6 for a hotdog. At those prices, we won't be going to very many baseball games. Dan and I played golf together once and we seemed to have benefited from our practice sessions on the par 3 course near medina lake. Dan played one more time on his own. We had some really crazy storms here for a few days. The flooding was bad during the storms but quickly drained when the rains stopped. We also decided to try to start our garden now so that we have a jump on the planting when we get to

PA. We bought 3 starter boxes which each holds 72 plants. Hopefully we are not starting them too soon. We are hoping to have plants to transplant into the garden then we will plant additional seeds. This will hopefully give us a longer harvest time so everything is not ripe at the same time.

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