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This morning we got an early start from L’anse aux Meadows ( 7:30, early for us anyway ) and headed south the 400 kilometres back to Rocky Harbour. We had thought of doing a bay boat tour at Rocky Harbour this afternoon, but it is too windy for me to want to do a boat cruise.

I had a problem with the water pump in the trailer that Al I worked on in the shop before we left. It seems the check valve is sticking when I am on shore water, and then when I try to pump water from onboard, the valve won’t release and take water from the pump. I took it apart this afternoon and hopefully have it working again.

It was another scenic drive south today. The roads are good and the traffic sparse. We met 25 RVs going north on the entire trip south. We didn’t have any traffic to worry about so decided to count RVs. We probably could have counted cars, and had less than a couple hundred. We have yet to find a traffic light here in Newfoundland, but keep in mind there is only 1 main road, with the occasional loop road that goes to a point of interest.

Glenna and Ria have gone into town this afternoon to see if they could find some craft shops. I am enjoying the NASCAR race. Tomorrow we start our voyage east to Twillingate, Gander, and Saint Johns.

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