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The Vikings

this is a 3/4 size replica, but I can't imagine heading out...

One of yesterdays iceberg. A big chuck fell off overnight

We enjoyed a day relaxing and touring the ancient viking settlement. I should have had some beautiful pictures, except my camera battery died. What a donkey! We learned a lot about the norsemen sailing in the north Atlantic some thousand years ago. They were mostly looking for lumber which was not available on Iceland. Northern Newfoundland was an essential a stop-over point to rest and make ship repairs before going south into the Gulf of St.Lawrence where trees and nuts and berries were plentiful.

After lunch we toured south-east to Saint Anthony, the real centre of commerce in this area today. They have a Foodland, Home Hardware, Scotia Bank, and Tim Horton's. Doesn't sound all that impressive, but after 400 kilometres of essentially no shopping places, it was nice to see. Tomorrow we travel back south to Rocky Harbour, before starting our trek east. It was another gorgeous day ( 24 C ), but the mosquitos and black flies are eating us.

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