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Welcome to Belview: population 380

Dad's boyhood home, we think

Cabin in which Dad's mother was born, reportedly

Hegdal family farm

Belview historical society and one-room schoolhouse

Pearly Hegdal, Dad's cousin, donated many items to the museum

Inside schoolhouse with kind lady who guided us around

Mom and Dad's gravesite

We drove up to Belview (about 100 miles north of Fairmont) to see my parent's grave. Very small towns are easy to check out every street. Some of the landmarks that we had remembered was the Rainbow Cafe (out of business for sometime), the Odeon (where Dad had played HS basketball, it is still there) and a grain elevator, lol. We drove into a lady's driveway next to the Belview Historical Society's museum and reconstructed one-room school house. We explained who we were and asked when the museum was open. She had the key. She let us in and called the lady who "ran" the place. She came over helped us as we looked around. They have quite a bit of work to do in order to help find information about specific people, but we enjoyed seeing all the old farming tools, many donated by Dad's cousin, Pearly. Hegdal is a well know name here as Dad's grand parents arrived in the 1870s. We picked up a pot of flowers on the way there, to leave at the gravesite, but unfortunately couldn't leave them them there.

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