Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

The boys found the geocache

Nice place for geocaching

Look at us

Smimming in the Gulf

Nice swimming togs boys

The Duzer

The Bob cooking the catch

Leaving the slip

Great Shot

Fishing biddies

Self Portrait

Coming off the boat

Today we did two different things. Shirley went geochaching (like a treasure hunt. Are you laughing Debby?) I Went fishing on a party boat which means they can hold up to 50 fisher people (what we're you thinking).I like the boat ride and meeting other people the BEST. If I catch fish, it's a bonus. I caught 16 and brought some home to cook on the grill. Wonderful dinner accompanied with white rice and salad. I also went swimming at out campground. The Gulf is 81 degrees. Heading to the Dry Tortugas tomorrow. Look it up, very historic and amazingly beautiful. I went here once with my father and brother in law, it was outstanding. Enjoy the pics.

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