Pulling the Carriage 2007 travel blog

In line at North Sydney



Level 3 of the ferry

lot still in line waiting to board

heliport and bridge

Leif Ericson- another ferry in the fleet

Fresh Nova Scotia blueberries and ice cream on a waffle

Packed in like sardines





still some snow in the mountains

To The Rock!

Today we got an early start and arrived at the ferry terminal in North Sydney before 8 AM. We were required to arrive by 9:30 for an 11:45 departure, but thought we would rather arrive early and make sure all was in order. We were very near the front of the line, and that’s a good thing because first on, is first off at the other end ( although we didn’t know that when we arrived). We relaxed in Norm and Ria’s Essex and watched Breakfast Television while we waited for boarding. I was concerned about getting sea sick, but thought is was important to take Glenna on another cruise. I can now report it was a wonderful cruise, smooth ride, and I think I’ll take her on another cruise in the near future.

We arrived in Newfoundland at about 6PM. We were off the ship and on the road within 30 minutes. We enjoyed a half hour drive to Grand Codroy RV Park near Doyle. The road has been very good to this point, and the scenery beautiful. We have 30 amp electrical, water, and no sewer hookup. That’s roughing it for Glenna, but I think it will be the norm here in Newfoundland. We are really looking forward to our Newfoundland visit. “ Dat’s it!!”

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