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Miss Zoey got a small amount of vanilla ice cream for her...

It was warm this morning in Yuma, So shorts and tank tops are the apparel for the day. It is supposed to be 85 today. It is kind of hazy out..not bright sunshine, but that makes for a cooler travel day. No wind is forecasted either, so that's good also. We got underway at 0900 and headed down Foothills blvd. to the freeway. And as we merged onto 8E it promptly went down to one lane. Road construction! Poop! We should have taken the North Frontage road instead. That slowdown cost us at least 20 minutes and they were spraying some kind of oil on the road which blew on our nice freshly washed and waxed RV. Yuck!

So once out of that mess we headed toward the California border and went through the checkpoint. Their question of the day was "Do you have any pets? And do you have any fruit?" Yes to both. We have a dog But no citrus fruit on board, all fruit has tags and was purchased in Yuma. Ok, good to go. Onward we go!

Our next snafu was a Border security checkpoint. Another squeezing of all vehicles down to one lane to go through the checkpoint. Another 1/2 an hour of waiting...and then they flagged us through.

It was so warm traveling we finally turned on the generator and ran the roof AC units. The cab air works but just couldn't keep up with all that heat. Miss Zoey was very pleased at that!

It did not take long for the windshield to get covered with bugs and we ran into a bunch of yellow butterflies too. So lots of yellow debris on the front of the Motorhome.

Going through Palm springs, Riverside, and San Bernardino there was lots of traffic and lots of rude California drivers passing on the right, to try our patience.

All in all a long but safe day on the road. We got to our destination (Orange Grove Rv)in Bakersfield, California about 17:10. Thank goodness Spike always makes us a reservation, as they were lined up 5 deep w/o reservations, trying to strike a deal. They were making spots at the ends of the rows allowing them to dry camp for the night.

Spike had to wash the windshield and the whole front of the RV, to get all that Yuma oil crud off it. So no new pictures many bugs and yellow butterflies to allow for a clear photo. So included one of Zoey for you. Thank you for all your prayers for us!! We will be headed to Corning, California, tomorrow. We plan to stay at the Rolling Hills Casino RV park.

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