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Church boat

Whale boat

Morning view

Old Town Burger

Karen's whale

Karen's whale 2

Karen was up early this morning. She had heard about a boat that sailed out on Sunday mornings for services.

it was pretty convenient since the same boat would be taking her on another whale hunt. It is a smaller boat and we are hoping she gets to see a couple. I'm tired of whale not watching so I stayed home.

I got to watch her sail out of port and back in and back out again, whew. I hope to get to see her sail back in one more time. The third picture is what we see when we look out of the windshield every morning.

It is about 4 miles across the water to the base of those mountains. Pretty nice to wake up to that. I had some time to kill while Karen is gone. I needed to run to the hardware store which is pretty cool, a small first floor store with additional goods upstairs. Then hunger hit me and I went over to Old Town Burgers for lunch. We ate there the other day and I made the mistake of ordering a double cheeseburger, it was so big I couldn't get it in my mouth.

So today I just got a single cheeseburger and fries, still pretty big and pretty darn good. $15 soda included. I also made a pot of chili today, it has been nice here but cool, mornings around 50 and afternoons around 60, so it should hit the spot for supper. Whale UPDATE! Karen just got home and is she ever happy (me too) about her cruise today.

She got to see a few whales and got to get very close to the glacier. It was a long day for them, it is 9 pm here.

I'm breathing a little easier too!

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