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Carpe Diem at Seward County Fairgrounds

We spent some time on Kansas 61

At Pratt we picked up US 54

US 54 in southwest Kansas

US 54 goes thru Meade Kansas

Yup, that's a double line you see...

Arriving at the Fairgrounds

Fri, 29 Jul: Still rolling along...

If it's Friday it must be another road day. We have some distance to cover and we're chipping away at it day by day. All in all, we're making excellent progress and may treat ourselves to a "down day".

A major thunderstorm moved thru the Lakeside RV park around dinnertime last evening, but did little more than blow and spit a bit. More rain overnite and again at wakeup time but again, nothing to worry about. Actually, the rain cleared most of yesterday's dust from the coach and car.

We arose around seven and after eating, getting things tidied up and ready for the road, Sandi rolled wheels at half past eight.

Back out the tree shrouded road and then 1¼ miles of washboard dirt to the paved road and another three miles to US 81/I 135. We continued south to McPherson where US 81 (and us) left the interstate and headed southwest toward Hutchison. At Hutchison we picked up KS 61 and continued southwest to Pratt, where we switched to US 54.

US 54 continued southwest thru lovely farm country and small (and smaller) towns. We paralleled a Union Pacific mainline so we got to do some train spotting along the way. Lunch was at a small roadside rest stop just east of Bloom.

Just north of the Oklahoma line we reached Liberal Kansas, where we stopped for the nite at the County Fairgrounds. The hot weather continues and we're pretty adamant about electricity for our air conditioning units. The fairgrounds charges $10 for 50 ampere power so we're plugged in and cooling down. The fairgrounds is right across the street from a brand-new Wal*Mart Neighborhood Grocery so we can take care of our victualling needs.

We'll be here overnite and continue southwest on US 54 tomorrow thru the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas. Our goal is to spend tomorrow nite at Tucumcari New Mexico.

Today's run was an easy (if you discount a strong crosswind from the south) 243 miles with an overall fuel economy of 7½ mpg. We're climbing as we near the high plains. Liberal is at 2,840' elevation.

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