The Scenery Outside The Motorhome

The Scenery Outside The Motorhome

The Scenery Outside The Motorhome

The Scenery Outside The Motorhome

Today Ross and Marge got an early start and they pulled out of the Jim & Mary's Campground at 0745 heading north on US Route 93 for the Silverado Motel and RV Park in Eureka, Montana. The distance was approximately 180 miles.

The road took them through some spectacular scenery and along the way in a marsh north of Kalispell, Montana they saw two female moose grazing. There was a car stopped with two people trying to get photos on the southbound side of the highway but there wasn't room on the northbound side to park the motorhome and there were also a number of cars following the motorhome and it was an accident waiting to happen so they simply looked at the moose and keep on truck'n.

There were some steep climbs and decants but overall they descended further than they ascended because the altitude in Eureka is about 1,000 feet lower than the altitude in Missoula. There are heavy wooded areas as well as wide open grassy areas with farms and homes with huge lawns. The Flathead Lake is a beautiful lake and it reminded them of Lake Tahoe. There are some spectacular homes along the shoreline of the lake as there are along the Lake Tahoe shoreline.

The weather could not have been better. It was cool this morning and the sun was bright with some cumulus clouds. They arrived in Eureka around noon time and Ross went to the nearest fuel station and filled the motorhome tank to the brim because tomorrow they enter Canada again where fuel prices will be significantly higher than the $4.04 per gallon Ross paid for the diesel in Eureka.

It is now about 1330 and with the afternoon heat comes a buildup of more huge cumulus clouds and it is very likely that they will experience some thunderstorms late this afternoon or early this evening.

The town of Eureka is a small town that if you blinked your eyes you would miss the entire town. Their friends in Missoula told them about a restaurant here in Eureka that served some of the best food they had ever eaten. Their experience was several years ago and they have forgotten the name. They did describe the location and it seems it is directly across the road from the campground. Marge asked the person at the check-in desk about restaurants in Eureka and it seems that the only one that serves dinner is the one across the street from the campground. Ross and Marge are going to have an early dinner today at the restaurant across the street. Today is Marge's birthday, she is again 39, so they are having dinner out.

The scenery this writer is observing as the keys on the keyboard are being operated is spectacular. There are steep mountains surrounding a wide open valley. There are acres upon acres of lush green rolling hills and the mountain hill sides are covered with trees. The temperature is mild and in the upper 70's to low 80's although it is hot if you are out of the shade and in the full sun. Anyone reading this journal that has never visited Montana they should do so if the opportunity is ever available because it is a beautiful state.

Highway 93 was good until the last 40 miles just before they reached Eureka where the road went from good to fair to bad and it waffled between fair and bad in that remaining 40 miles.

That is all for now.

Ross & Marge

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