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Ocotillo along the highway (in spring, with red "flags" in bloom)

A closeup of the ocotillo's brilliant flag

Cholla along a back road from Benson to Tucson

The desert is beautiful, but especially in spring.

Yucca in bloom. Many of these pictures were taken at Boyce Thompson...

In spring, the cactus cannot restrain themselves, and their brilliant blooms draw...

This was one of the most gorgeous flowers we ever saw, right...

An unusual sight, two colors from the same cactus plant.

Suzy admires a formal cactus garden at Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

Suzy and a giant saguaro.

This is one of the path intersections at the arboretum. Decisions, always...

The mighty saguaro is king of the Sonoran desert.

Sunset at Desert Garden RV Resort -- three years ago.

Another Arizona sunset.

A winter storm over the mountains above Fort Huachuca.

Texas Canyon at a rest sop along I-80 in eastern Arizona has...

St. Thomas Indian Mission near Yuma

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Desert Gardens! We have just returned from our family Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, although we are seldom able to be with our traditional family, we do have our RVing family around us at all times. The people we park next to, the ones we wave at as we drive into and out of the park, the ones we just ate dinner with, are all as much like us as our own family, but in a different way. We share a means of traveling (although in different types of RVs), we share the joy of traveling, we share the freedom to move about (some more freely than others, depending on health or finances), and we share the enjoyment of good food in a group gathering, especially when the park is paying for the turkey!

So, to paraphrase an old saying: if you can't be with your family, make a family of the ones you're with.

How did we get here? We left Acton and spent the next two nights at Thousand Trails in Palm Springs, five nights in Ehrenberg, AZ, right on the bank of the Colorado River, then moved to Florence. It was a delight to begin to see again the land of sagebrush and ocotillo (which our two daughters will remember as O-C-O-T-I-L-L-O; I used to delight in spelling it out for them every time we saw it).

But, how did we choose HERE to come to? We had stayed a night here years ago on our way through the area. Desert Gardens is really that, a desert-landscaped area, with saguaro, cactus, cholla, palo verde, and all the usual stuff that grows in a the Sonora desert, but arranged and cared for like a garden. We had not planned to come back here this year, because we had read about a great park in New Mexico. Gas prices being high when we made our plans, we didn't want to go that far east, and remembered Desert Gardens. Besides being closer, they have a wonderful price package from us snowbirds. So here we are for four months.

We expect to do a bit of sightseeing while we are here, and there will be pictures to go with that. The ones we are showing you with this episode are all from previous visits to Arizona, and represent different seasons. Hope you don't mind this look back into ... Our Life on Wheels.

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