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Inlet at south end of Acadia NP

Fallen tree

Photo consultant reading her book on her Kindle

Mushrooms along the path

Rocky shore along inlet

Forest view from path

Panorama view of inlet

View of rocky coastline

Anothe view of Atlantic coastline

Granite rocks of coastline

Resting consultant

Just snails and barnacles in the tidal pools

Chilly consultant

Fall is starting on the island

Little Hunter Beach view

Panorama of Little Hunter Beach at high tide from Katia

Rocky shore line at Little Hunter Beach

Tree removal crew in their safety gear

Campground mushroom

Another mushroom

And another



Lichen on a rock

Small wild flower

Lichen on tree trunk



and etc.

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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High Tide and Surf from Tropical Storm Katia

(MP4 - 5.41 MB)

Waves Crashing into Cliff at Acadia NP Thunder Hole

(MP4 - 4.20 MB)

Little Hunter Beach Surf - Listen for the sound of the round...

September 12 – Seawall and Wonderland in Park, Katia Surf and Campground Mushrooms

We have had some wet days recently and missed two days with the Friends of Acadia. The #2 bog walk is waiting for us and we will work on it tomorrow. We did get to help out last Saturday and went with one of our leaders to string clothes line on several posts that had been cemented in place at park employee housing. The clotheslines are to enable the residents to use the heat from the sun instead from the electric dryers to dry their clothes.

The same day, we helped remove a tree that had fallen over a trail. We wore our safety vests and hard hats as a safety precaution because we moved the tree pieces across the Loop Road. See our orange outfits in the photo attached.

Last Saturday morning, we worked with a group of folks clearing a new hiking trail behind the new visitor’s center in Trenton, north of the island. The future trail in miles long and will take many hours to cut the branches and chop the roots.

Two weeks ago, we visited the part of Acadia NP that is to the southwest in the areas along the coast called Seawall and Wonderland. At low tide, it is a good place to study tidal pools in the rocky coastline. I could only find a lot snails and barnacles in the pools but I had fun taking HDR photos of the inlet and rocky coastline.

Tropical storm Katia passed many miles south of us in the Atlantic but provided great surf excitement at high tide on Sept. 9. The tide was above 10 feet and some of the waves over 6 feet. We visited Thunder Hole where we could see and hear the large waves hit the rocks. I took videos of some that are attached.

This is the season for mushrooms it seems here on Mt. Desert Island. Our campground has many varieties that I used as photo subjects for fun with my close-up lens.

We have two weeks yet here on the island before we head for Lancaster, PA and then back home to Leesburg, FL.

Have a great week.

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