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Incredibly tall rock formations

Is this rock balanced?



Jan is in a crevice of rock formations

How long do you think that small rock will remain?

Does this rock actually look like a bird?

Tom & Debbie

Can you count the rocks?

The Balance Rock Story

This is the balanced rock

Jan holding up the rocks...

Tom & Debbie and the rocks

Another balanced rock

Lots of the rocks have a moss growing on them

This was at the Grotto, where there were paths in the rocks

Can you find the face?

I am breaking today into two separate entries even though we did both on the same day due to the amount of photos I would like to share.

Today we had the opportunity to explore A “Wonderland of Rocks” which is located within the Chiricahua National Monument. We took several hikes within the park around incredible rock formations which you will see in the photos attached to this entry.

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