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So THAT'S where John's bonus went!

Queue 1 for the cable car

Queue 2 (for the tickets) and Queue 3 (back for the cable...

Queue 4

Queue 5

Queue 5 b!

After 2 hours queueing Em finally cracks!

Start of the cable car ride - we finally made it!

View up from the start of the cable car

Em enjoying the high cable car ride

View back to the start station

View down onto some clam hunters...........probably!

View back again

View of New Hong Kong airport from Cable Car. I saw Mega...

Em enjoying it slightly less as the wind picks up! Big Buddha...

We're getting closer!

Big Buddha


Proper drummers and public, erm, drumming in Ngong Ping village

T'pau's second single "Buddha in your hand". It got to number 58...

BB from village

Ahhhhhhhhh Emmasun. Lean on, Lean off.

I clush you!!! Sorry.

BB. "My what big ears you have....."

And again!

Aaaaaaaand again!

Aaaaaaaaand and and and and again!

Move over Buddha, there's some new kids in town!

View from BB towards the Monestary

Small temple viewed from BB

3 chicks offering some stuff to the Big Buddha. Say what you...

View out to see from BB

Picture of the little monestary thing again!

Po Lin Monestary. Can you find Em's face in this photo?!

Inside Po Lin Monestary

Looking back at BB from inside the Monestary

Again can you spot where Emma is?!

And so it begins again!

And then some more!

Aaaaaaaand some more! I know it just sounds like we are bitching...

Dang that was close!!!

Sunset on the way back down from Lantau Peak

Plane taking off from the airport on the way back down

Today was our day of doing stuff.

Obviously being us we left it till the last day before we left though!!

We sorted out some stuff in the BA office in the morning and then headed over to Lantau island to get the cable car up to the Big Buddha.

As it was SATURDAY we queued up for about 2 hours to get the Cable Car (well planned kids!) in 38 degree heat (nice).

When we finally got it there were some cool views up (it took about 25 minutes) especially of the airport. Em didn't like it when the wind got up a bit though!

When we got to the Ngong Ping village at the top of Lantau Peak we were a little suprised to see that all the buildings had been newly built (to look authentic) and there was even a 7/11 there!

Through the village was the Tian Tan Buddha which did look good though!

We climbed the steps to it (which we made hard work of!) and was very impressed......right until the point Em found out that it had only been built in the 70's!!! She HAD been trying to work out how 2000 years ago monks had managed to build this statue on top of this peak!

Next to this there was the Po Lin Monestary. This WAS authentic and very cool but some of the romance and mysticism of the place had kinda been lost for us.

We headed on back to the cable car at about 4pm (last one down was at 6.30pm) and spank my monkey if there wasn't ANOTHER mahoosive queue!

It hit us at this point that we had to pick our laudry up (from erm the laundry!) opposite our hotel before it closed at 7pm - and as we were flying before it opened the next morning it was tonight or never!

The queue was really slow moving, so much so that we had to borrow a nice ladys' mobile in the queue so we could phone the hotel and ask them to run accross the road and pick our laundry up for us!

Then we started to worry if WE were going to make it down as time was running out fast.

We managed to get thought the barriers at literally 6.31pm PHEW!!!

We finally got back to the hotel at about 10pm (after a quick macdonalds pit stop!) and were relieved to find our laudry there.

Also another reason to rush back to the hotel was the fact the bar at the bottome of the hotel was showing the Spurs game at 10pm!

Em left me to it and went upstairs to pack and watch Bewitched!

I followed 2 hours later with my tail between my legs after Spurs got smashed by the mighty Boro.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world Spurs can still let you down!


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