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Probate courts and paperwork…..all completed and the final papers have arrived! I am so happy to have that part of all the ‘estate’ stuff completed. At the courts back in BC in April, they told us that most of the applications can take a very long time and that even the lawyers have to re-do many of the forms. Well, we did them ourselves with the self-help kit…and it turns out I did all the forms correctly and I now have the legal authority to handle my mom’s affairs.

So, the first thing on the agenda was to check with Rev Can and I find out her income tax was generally filed the last week in April – she did it herself on-line. This year it was not done…so off to the accountant to have this taken care of. Next, we head to the bank to change the account to an ‘estate account’ – this means that any money, coming or going, can now be handled by me. The next step will be to transfer the Audi from my mom’s name – but we can’t do that until we are back in BC. I called ICBC (government insurance in BC) to pay another couple of months insurance for her car - and then we find out they want extra money because the car is not in BC…..!!!!???? Yup, it is in another territory and therefore it will cost even more for these months we are in Alberta! Go figure! Leave it to the government to figure out another way to get some extra money!

Oh well, at least I am getting another step completed…..till next time, Peter & Connie

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