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A trolley car taking passengers up and down Canal Street.

Standing in the middle of the Bourbon Street in the French Quarter

The Garden District Cemetary

The painters arriving to paint the exterior of this Gardent District home....

There was a block long row of these houses in different pastel...

You can see this row of similar houses painted in different colors....

This is a private school in the Garden District.

A horse drawn carriage waiting for customers on Bourbon Street.

Proof that I was on Bourbon Street.

Entrance to the French Market

Look at this place in the Garden District

This is so typical of the buildings in the French Quarter

Again....look at the balconies on the front of the buildings on Bourbon...

And of course...the Superdome!

California Trip -- Day 3

We woke up this morning and looked out the window of the RV and decided to stay in New Orleans another day.

The sun was shining! The rain had stopped! The wind was blowing a gentle cool breeze! So we took the motorcycles off of the trailer and set out to see the city.

New Orleans is a big place...we found this out soon after we left the campsite. The GPS was being obstinate and tried taking us the long way to places. We just hit the off button and took our chances.

New Orleans is a beautiful city filled with a lot of historical and social cultures. We toured the Garden District and the French Quarter for the architectural beauty of this city.

The Garden District is filled with the beautiful stately homes that we often envision when we think of New Orleans. The home were in all shapes and sizes with ornate gardens filled with a variety of plants. The homes were immaculate with their views from the street. The streets were a little narrow and in need of repair. Parking was scarce so we would stop and park in between cars to take pictures.

In the middle of the Garden District was a typical New Orleans cemetary. I did some reading at lunch about the cemetaries. It was said that 'undesirables' hide in the cemetaries and the police urge people to go into them in groups rather than risking being mugged or robbed or assaulted as an individual...of course I read this after going into the cemetary myself.

The French Quarter is exactly as expected. Narrow streets....lots of parking....many strip joints....lots of T and A on the streets in front of establishments...lots of liquor...and anything else you might desire. It was so crowded there that we couldn't even sneak a parking place to take pictures.

We took a short trip to the French Market. It was a very very very large flea market with lots of wares and anything you might want. Bill bought a wonderful Voodoo sweatshirt that is so cute. I found my New Orleans shot glass. The Market went on forever! We didn't stay long because it was getting late in the day and we didn't want to get stuck in too much traffic....too late...we got stuck in traffic.

We had to go see the Superdome! It looks that same in person as it does on TV. It was still a little in disrepair from the hurricane.

There is a real division in the social structure in New Orleans. It was really evident in the way in which the repairs were handled from the hurricane. In the Garden District and the French Quarter, the homes and establishments appears to be all repaired and back up. There was a lot of new paint and new construction that has taken place since Katrina. When we went into some of the lower income neighborhoods, there seemed to be little repair or rehab taking place. It was such a shame to see some of the older homes abandoned after the hurricane. They looked so sad as they stood there in total disrepair. Many of the abandoned houses still wore the RED X's from the search and rescue after Katrina.

As we traveled about the city, we saw the trolley cars in operation and the horse drawn carriages taking people on tours of the city.

We decided that we are going to take a longer trip to this city again and spend some time exploring a little more careful in the future.

New Orleans is a beautiful city.

Tomorrow we are off to Baton Rouge and probably onto Houston Texas.

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