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So here we are in Wellington.

To get here we dashed back through the Ruapehu area (got more photos!) and headed on to Palmerston North. We then powered on to Wellington, getting here at around 7pm.

We are now in the city checking it out! It's cool here!

We're staying in a campsite in Seaview, Lower Hutt - which is to the east of Wellington (about 5 kms).

Gordon the Bus goes back tomorrow, and thus that chapter of our story will come to an end. Gordon tells us that we've travelled around 3265km, which is about 2000 miles.

We're pleased with that! That's a big distance. The only big region of North Island we haven't been to is The Coramandel, but you just can't have it all can you?!!

Things coming soon:


Give back Gordon The Bus.

Go to Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand)

Go to Air New Zealand (change flight of plane from Brisbane to Singapore)

Stay at hostel.


Early morning (7am) fly to Christchurch, South Island

Check out Christchurch.

We're booked in at 'New Excelsior' hostel in Christchurch

All exciting stuff. From there we're jumping on the STRAY bus, which will take us on a full lap of the South Island. STRAY look good - not as messy as Kiwi Experience - but we'll see.

Ideas and messages appreciated!

Thanks for the love folks - keep it up!


Another message - Congratulations to Jemima at Reuters on getting married - well done mate. Nikki sent some photos over and you looked fantastic. Heard about the Darkness being apart of it and that it was the coolest thing ever. All the best from Helen and Gareth x x x


More from Wellington soon, but we're shattered so we're going to head back for pancakes now, so good night!

Lots of Love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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