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View from the last hotel we stayed at in France

The other direction

The train station

Well today could be our very last day in France...at least till we have to go back through it to get to the UK. We look like heading out to Spain today. Mum has had enough of the French language. Unlike the Italians that always sound like they are arguing, some of these one`s just don`t stop talking!

The hotel we stumbled into last night and from where I am now writing this, is a nice way to end our time here. Over the last few days it has been a lot of stuff ups and only one of them was ours. That was only due to the fact that we thought their info was correct. Silly us. I will, when have a bit more time, update the events that got us to this point. My camera hasn`t left the bag for 3 days so I will have to rely on Mum for the photos. She took some but I was somewhat less impressed.

Thanks to those that have written. I didn`t mean to be a grumpy bum but when you have a few bad days, you just look forward to hearing from home.

This is being read by many more people than I ever imagined and I am very happy that it has amused you all if not just given you something else to read. It is fun doing it and I hope that I can keep improving it. Note to self. Invest in a laptop when return to Australia. So much easier to keep things on track when not relying on others. Message to Bill Gates. Invent a laptop for backpackers. Small, lightweight and enough memory for photo`s and journal entries etc. Oh and around the $700 to $1000AUD mark. There is definately a market for them.

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