Brian and Andrea's big adventure travel blog

Arty Christmas tree photo


A cliff in Paradise

Is that a mermaid

Jens swimming one kiss Jens?

Beach group

Local Thai boat

Siamese twins

The first time Brian has ever lifted me

A swinging time

Thai Boats

Thai Boats1

Our camera actually works underwater

Here fishy fishy

There is a woman here with a camera where is she

Feeding monkeys

Look mummy what I did

Someday I'll fly away

Ohhh baby

walking cheek to cheek

Sand between our toes

Happy pic

Hey look it's Chicken Island

Still blending in with the beach - will he ever get a...

Me thinks Andrea has a way to go also

A kayaking cat

It's hard work this paddling lark

Arty photo

Paddling through the mangroves

Paddling through the mangroves1

Well, did he drop them or not

Arty kayak photo

Hello up there

Those look a bit tight mate

Three steps and Andrea was at the top

A view from climbing

It's high up there


Just a little further before I can put my hand in that...

I can't do it no more

The lift home

I want my mummy

Where's the sea gone?

I thought this was a good shot - but it wasn't

Arty kayak photo

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