Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Walk to Dixie lake

Very nice

Can we go swimming? Can we?

C'mon, it'll be OK

Fishing pier


Lake Louisa


Nice shot, geat subject

Cabins too

Great porch

Great day yesterday. We started by doing trip planning for our next 5 months with Don and Jeanne. We checked our agendas and it appears we will be together for about 26 days this summer in a variety of places. We blocked out our time table and look forward to our continuing adventure that will take us to such places as Key West, Louisville, Springfield, Kokomo, Vermilion, Elmira, Long Island, California, Wisconsin, 1000 Islands, Vermont, N.H. and Maine, D.C., down the coast thru Maryland, and eventually back to Florida and Neptune Beach. I'm getting excited just thinking of it. After our planning meeting Shirley and I drove to Lake Louisa State Park about 45 minutes away. What a beauty. 3 lakes with camping and fishing, canoeing and swimming. It is a very nice and perhaps a future camping spot. When we got back to our camp I went swimming and Shirley sewed (big surprise there). I grilled chicken (yum) and actually watched a few hours of TV something that is a rarity. Braves lost their opener. They may go 0-162. That would be a record. Enjoy the pics.

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