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Branded leader

Cute calf hustling by

Moving through

Len spooked this one

Mom & calf

Moving on to higher ground

8 miles of cows on the road

Moving along the campground fence

Stopped to check me out

They can sure bellow

The owners escorting the herd through

Caught munching a patch of grass

Bellowing at me

Taking a rest

We found out this past week that a local rancher brings his herd of cows up behind our campground. They brought hundreds and hundreds of cows through on 5 different days. Boy, were they noisy. They can bellow like crazy. Who knew that cows made that much noise! It made us laugh every time though. Our campground was the start of their 8 mile journey up the main road to their summer grazing areas up on the mountain. It was cheap entertainment and a lot of fun daily to sit and watch them move by the campground.

We had a great video of them, but it was my first time using it on my camera and the resolution was set too high, so it is too big to upload. I got that figured out now, but I'm sorry we can't share it with you. You would have enjoyed it!

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