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On our way to Mesquite, thank goodness for clear skies and plenty...

Onyx needs a little break...

Lare's watching her closely, check out those short sleeves! Guess his blood...

Mom & I were following, ducking flying ice chunks for awhile, lol!

Mom, me and Bonnie Ligouri...

Such a nice lady and a wonderful friend, so nice to see...

Beautiful work Bonnie, thank you so much!

We arrived in Mesquite Thursday night around 6:30pm. We got a later than planned start Thursday afternoon but it took awhile to get things ready to go. By the time we loaded all of the last minute things and disconnected the utilities, etc it was 2pm. Mom's car was packed to the gills as well!

As you know, it's been very cold in Ely for the past month and we've had a couple of snow storms. The roof and slides were covered not only in snow but a thick layer of ice too. My honey had a heck of a time getting it off the top of the slides in order to pull them in. He didn't want to get up on the roof, even though it would have made the job much easier, as it was way too slippery and wet. The sun had been out for the past two days which had actually helped things a bit, but it was still a difficult job to break the ice layer enough to knock it off from atop a ladder.

There is a free dump station at the Sinclair on the way out of town and we planned to take advantage of it. But when we arrived, the dump 'hole' was so buried under deep snow, we couldn't find it! Oh well, we were only partially full so we decided to wait until we arrive in Henderson. We purchased a Blue Boy (ours is gray!) from Camping World a few months back and Larry has been using it while at Mom's. It's not one of his favorite chores and I don't care for it either. We tried to use all three tanks as little as possible so he didn't have that job very often.

We parked the 5'er on the side of Joyce's house and spent the night. Friday, the four of us went to visit our old friend Bonnie Ligouri. You might remember that I worked in the poker room for John Ligouri at Ligouri's Casino for a number of years. John passed away in October this year at the age of 87. It was sad to visit his home for the first time and not have the pleasure of his company, but very good to see Bonnie. She's having a hard time adjusting to living and being alone. Like Mom & Dad, they too were married 61 years. We convinced her to have lunch with us and we all had an enjoyable visit. Bonnie has been an artist for a number of years and I have given her several of my photographs to use as subject material. She does oil, water colors, pencil and chalks. She is good! She gifted me with a framed pencil she had just completed. It was done from a photograph I took in Canada last year of a young raccoon eating berries in Stanley Park. Wow, she did a wonderful job and I will treasure the gift forever.

After lunch we returned to Joyce's to pick up our rig. We were on the road by 3:30pm, destination Las Vegas. We arrived just after 5:30pm. It was already dark by then so we just pulled up along the front fence at Bonnie & Larry's, deciding to set up in the daylight Saturday. Don't you just hate daylight savings time? It is dark by 4:30 these days, seems like such a waste of good daylight! Especially if you are trying to do 'outdoorsy' stuff. Well, enough of that subject. At least it's about 40 degrees warmer, hallejuah!!!

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