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Hmmmm, wonder what that is?

I'll just ease my way along here, nice & slowwwwww....

Now that is some flexibility!!!

Geeez, I hope it was worth it!

Are you worried about squirrels getting into your bird feeder??? Well, as today's pictures will show, this family appear to have a much BIGGER issue! Wonder what in the world that line is made out of, lol!

It's going below freezing again tonight! is so cold, we are so ready for some warmth. Think we're out of here on Thursday. Mom told me today that she is ready too, she's tired of being cold. And, it's time to start working on our warranty issue on our awnings that were damaged by hail this past summer. I'd like to have that taken care of before year's end. It's been 6 months or so already, don't want to push our luck with the insurance company not completing our claim. Johnny Walker RV in Las Vegas installed the window awnings for us in 2007 so we'll be using them for our warranty work. In fact, I spoke with them this afternoon about getting the replacement fabric ordered from Carefree of Colorado ASAP. Looks like things will move along quickly, hope so. I don't want to put up my Christmas decorations and then have to move the rig again. So hustle guys, we're ready to GIT R DONE!

And one last note, we lost our East Coast feed with Direct TV a few days ago. If you RV you probably know what I'm talking about. Apparently they changed the rules and notified everyone by postcard. You had to respond by November 18th if you wanted to continue to receive both an East Coast and a West Coast feed. Of course, we never received that postcard. We have been paying an additional $14 per month for four years in order to receive NBC, CBS, ABC & Fox. Well, if you opted in in time, and agreed to up the $14 per month fee to $20 per month, you were still eligible to receive both feeds. We were pretty concerned about missing the deadline, but not to worry. After 20 minutes or so on the phone with customer support they agreed to let us continue to receive both, with the increased price of course. Apparently new RV'ers will no longer have that option. We DVR everything we watch so that we don't have to deal with commercials. And there are times when two programs are on at the same time on different channels that we enjoy. So the dual feed allows us to DVR one on east coast time and the other on west coast time. Seems like a trivial issue to some I suppose, but we like the flexibility. If that's our greatest challenge for the rest of the year, we'll be happy!

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