Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

We're back

The grub

Walkin' off the grub

Fuzzy Don, Jeanne, Justin and Gwen

Watching basketball (sort of)

Yes we are back together but it wasn't easy. The bus is a terrible way to travel (see yesterdays blog). Not only that but Greyhound lost Shirley's luggage! But we are together again and that's what matters. After a nap for Shirley we drove over to Don and Jeanne's where their son Justin and his wife Gwen had just arrived. Don grilled hots, burgers and chicken while Jeanne added cheaney salad and corn on the cob, yum! We watched the end of the basketball game and then headed back to the camper for a long sleep for Shirley. Something about being up all night in a Tallahassee bus station. Enjoy the pics.

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