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Waiting out the rain while having hambergesas, patatas & cerveza

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El Camino - Day 28

Maximum elevation = 429m, minimum elevation = 244m. 4 - 12 degrees. Overcast, rain at times.

Headed out into a drizzly morning. Met J, a Spanish gent, early on. He's walking the Camino Primativo. 320km from Oviedo to Santiago. Joined our route at Melide. He joined us for breakfast in Arzua and continued with us for a while after. Well travelled, he enjoyed practising his English on us and we learned about his 5 caminos over 28 years.

The paths were much like yesterday. The villages now more spaced out houses and not a lot of kms in between. Many pilgrims now as well: public holiday on Tuesday so many Spanish take a long weekend and walk or ride plus joining in of Camino Primativo and many pilgrims walk from Sarria just last 100kms.

Somewhere after breakfast, we lost sight of M & S2. Walked about 8km and couldn't believe they hadn't stopped for a drink break. Had walked 10km and decided to stop at next Cafe regardless and just message them that we needed to stop for a break. Next thing you know we hear them calling from behind. They'd missed a turn and been trying to catch us for maybe an hour!!

A much needed rest, drink and food then at Boavista. Still drizzly and feeling colder we continued on to O Emplame for another drink and then Pedrouzo for lunch.

We thought we were all pretty clever as we sat out quite a downpour eating hambergesas, patatas and drinking cerveza. Until later, past San Anton with only 5ish kms to go for the day we found ourselves in the downpour. Soaked we got ourselves a hotel room in Lavacolla, glad to be out of the rain.

What to do when it's pouring outside? Oh, yeah, the usual. Eat, drink, chat and generally have fun. Funniest thing of the evening: Zorza con patatas. Had been translated on the menu as 'Fox and potatoes'. I checked my phone translator, it translated as 'vixen or slut'. All of us in hysterics but keen to try. Turns out it's pork :)))

Today's distance = 31.5km

Total distance = 778.5km

Yellow VW count: S - 2, T - 1, S2 - 1 (OMG! The lads are playing our game)

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