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Tek campground sign with Aunt Debbie



Caribou family


King of the caribou

Bull Moose

Eilson vistor center veiw..IT was a cloudy day

Aunt Debbie

Bear scat

We are staying in Teklanika campground at Mile 29 of the Denali Park highway for 6 days. It is pretty cool right on the river 12 miles past were anyone can travel but tour buses.

Day 1: Long bus rides today, lots of stuff happened. We saw some cool animals, a couple of neat visitor’s centers, a lot of rain and fog, and just a little car sickness. We would have had a great picture of a grizzly bear standing on it’s hind legs but Dad the camera!!!!!! I took a picture of Mom looking unhappy/scared hanging over a cliff, but Dad won’t let me load it on the web site.

P.S. Mom and Dad got furious because I almost barfed on the computer.



Day 2: Mom, Aunt Debbie and I went on a hike. We didn’t see any moose and bear but we do know that one was on our trail right before us. And the bear had eaten berries.

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