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day 32 was not good, while we went dancing, everything was fine until this lady who had too much to drink, couldn't dance  got on the dance floor was wildly moving about, unknown to us, she came from behind clipped bb's toe and torn off her toe nail AND because bb was wearing a shoe that exposed her big toe and not boots, we were dancing well away from everyone to avoid such a clip yet the lady seem to, for unknown reasons, come into our line of dance from the rear, had we seen her coming we would have stopped to let her pass, she never even said she was sorry, bb stopped me from doing/saying my mind... anyway, we went back to camp did what we had to do to stop the bleeding, the nail did not come completly off so it is now a waiting game for a new nail to grow back. since the nail is not completly off, now too painful to remove, it best we let it grow out clipping it as it grows... this will put a real damper on the rest of our "dance" part of our trip... but we will not give up, maybe in a few days we can do slow dances in shoes bb has where the toes are exposed being more sure of other dancers... we did come back that night after bb had a little rest and we doctored her totsie... and yes, i kissed it and her to make it better... bought her an ice cream to "boot"... ps) the lady was very lucky bb stopped me, lady or no lady!!!

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