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Clint had some extra watermelon left over from his breakfast, so he decided to feed the turkey like bird outside our room. Pretty soon we had 5 of them and 2 lizards fighting over the food! One of the lizards and turkeys were going at it pretty good.. It got fairly intense at one point!

It was a cloud covered morning, but still quite warm, so we made our way to the beach again! We hung out here for the morning. Clint tried boogie boarding again, but the current was quite strong and the wind picked up, so we headed on our way to the Gold Coast.

We stayed at a little b&b by mermaid beach, which was close to surfers paradise. As soon as we got here, it started raining and didn't quit until we left! The beaches were closed, which was took bad, as this looks like a beautiful spot. The area is also known for its theme park attractions, and Clint was excited to check out some kind of waterworld one, but with the downpour of rain, we figured it would be closed. So we hung out with our b&b host for awhile and he helped us book some cheap flights around Aus. After much deliberation and discussion, we finally decided that we were going to head to the west coast in a few days, instead of carrying on up the eastcoast from noosa. This meant that we would not see Fraser Island and miss out on sailing the whitsundays, but it is their wet season right now, and they have been getting flooded out in areas lately. A lot of the locals we chatted with advised us to head west. So we spent some of the afternoon planning that! We will take in the great ocean road from melbourne instead, and see what perth has to offer before heading back to finish the trip in cairns.

After finishing up some bookings, we headed into surfers paradise for supper. With the rain still coming down and flood warnings for the area, we headed back to the b&b and called er a night.

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