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Back in the forest—this time at RV Village in Mercer

After two weeks we leave the "Forest Deep & Dark"

Very tight bridge work at NJ 15 interchange

A full stop at the bottom or an on ramp
Merging Carpe with...

Entering I 80 heading West

It costs $$$s to exit New Jersey

Big $$$s
And the car was an additional $1

Welcome to The Keystone State

Thu, 15 Aug: We had a wonderful two weeks visiting with Sandi's family. While we love visiting and spending time we do not particularly enjoy New Jersey. It epitomizes all we dislike about big cities: Too much traffic, too fast, too loud, too ...

So, it was with conflicting emotions that we undertook our checklists and readied Carpe for the road. But, since the sibs were departing tonite for London and a cruise there was no real reason to stick around.

Once ready to roll Bob moved Carpe to the dump area and gave the holding tanks a good rinse and dump. Sandi connected Carpe Dinkum and we rolled wheels a few minutes before nine. We dodged low hanging trees to the park exit and then ran the four miles along Waldon Road to NJ 15.

Waldon road is pretty windy and narrow with more low trees to dodge. Then, just when we thought we were "out of the woods" (literally and figuratively), there was construction on the NJ 15 overpass that resulted in narrowing an already narrow road and, to top it off, a full stop at the bottom of the on ramp. Traffic on 15 was moving at 55+ mph and we had to accelerate 17 tons. OK, let's just say, it got done!

We stopped for fuel at a station just north of the NJ 15 / I 80 interchange. At "only" $3.699/gallon it was the best diesel price we've seen since Texas. Then onto I 80 westbound.

Next stop, the Delaware Water Gap bridge toolbooth. It costs $1.00 for a car, but they added another $6.50 for the coach. The $7.50 toll was up from $5.75 just two years ago. Ugh!

Once west of Stroudsburg the traffic lessened and we settled into our usual routine. We swapped drivers every 75 miles or so, and took a lunch break at a rest stop along the way. While there were multiple construction projects in central and western Pennsylvania, none of them slowed us down beyond the reduction of speed in the work zones.

We had intended to spend the nite at the Wal*Mart in Clarion Pennsylvania. We'd stayed there on the way out two weeks ago so figured it wouldn't be a problem. Well guess again... They're in the process of repaving the parking lot so no overnite parking permitted.

This is an example of why RVers always have Plans B, C, etc. Plan B was to find another Wally further west. Perusing our RV parking applications didn't reveal any other Wallys close to I 80, so time for Plan C. A quick call to RV Village at Mercer informed us that they had room for the nite. Sandi drove the additional fifty miles to Mercer, and then along some pretty raunchy roads to RV Village.

RV Village is heavily forested with many trees just itching to snag an antenna or something expensive. We shoehorned into a space with full hookups for the Passport America price of $17.50 (it was $14.75 when we last visited).

We decided to "make lemonade" from our situation and drove the car to nearby Sharon for dinner at the original Quaker Steak & Lube. It was as yummy as always and we enjoyed the outing.

Today was a long day, 347 miles via Waldon Road, NJ 15, I 80, US 15, and then local roads. Carpe delivered a respectible 8 mpg for the day.

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