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Friends of Acadia work crew on the Kebo Trail performing 'ditch and...

Better view of ditch and infant trail adjacent

My favorite ditcher.

A new pile of bog walk logs with our leader, Anna.

My favorite crib board toter.

Log carrying team

First team working on the 'pit' crib.

Crib floating in Irene's rainwater

Nice stream along walk

Mushrooms growing on an old bog walk timber

Second team holding down assembled crib in water

Third team attempting to level and stablize the crib

Fourth team's (us) final attempt and success in securing the crib on...

Food preparation in anticipation of Irene's visit - apple crisp.

Apple crisp ready for the oven

The other preparation for Irene - two five gallon jugs of water.

Irene's wave about to cover lower observation platform at Thunder Hole

Submerged platform

Large wave breaking on the cliffs

Panorama of Little Hunter Beach

Photo advisor reading a book on her Kindle while I enjoy photographing

Bridge in local town

Another view with my advisor

Another view of bridge

Seed pod at garden

Flower at garden

Another flower

Closeup of flower with ant

Pond view

Stream with small waterfall

Another view of waterfall

Garden view

Flowers in garden

Fungus in garden

September 2, 2011 – Ditch and Fill, Bog Walk #2, Irene and Visiting a Botanical Garden

Our lives have been centered on working with the Friends of Acadia on two new projects, preparing for and living through Irene’s visit and visiting a local garden with my camera and photo advisor.

The second bog walk was not ready for us to work on so our leader chose a ‘ditch and fill’ job – one that I will not enjoy doing again. You will have to see the attached photos to understand the process of preliminary trail prep. A ditch is dug beside the new trail and the soil is placed on the infant trail beside it. The ‘soil’ is a combination of small, medium and large tree roots and small, medium and large rocks. Various tools were used – hand pruners, limb cutters, shovels and Pulaskis – a tool with an axe on one side and a mattock on the other. Our leader agreed that she will steer us away from future ‘ditch and fill’ projects.

We started on the second bog walk on the Great Slide Trail in the middle of the park. The trail, which parallels a beautiful little brook, was very rough and wet. Stakes had been pounded into the wet soil every 8 feet along the future bog board walk. Notches had been added to the stakes to show where the upper surface of the top crib board is to end up after we, with great skill, stack the crib pieces in a log-cabin-style shape.

On the first day, our leader forgot to include levels with the haul of tools so we made cribs at record pace. :) But, the next work day, she did remember the instruments and we had to rework the most of the existing assemblies.

One crib location was one of the worst that we have worked on. It was a bottomless sludge of black mud that had no bottom of firm earth. Kathleen and I were the second and fourth crib team to attack this black hole. :)

See the photos of the first attempt in the mud, the floating, tipped crib in Irene’s rainwater, our attempt to build in a puddle, another’s attempt to do the same and our final winning solution of filling the wet hole with, in order, large rocks, medium rocks and then small rocks that we created by breaking medium rocks with a large hammer. Then, with the small rocks above the water level, a crib board was used to pound, with finesse, the rocks into a “firm” foundation. :)

Our bog walk skill was so good that the walk will be extended for another 14 lengths – 110’. Yesterday, after winning the battle with the mud hole, we toted another 20, 8’ logs to the new site. We will start on this length next Tuesday.

Irene entered our lives from the south and ended up to our west and a non-issue. Our RV rocked slightly in the high winds but nothing like it rocked in Sidney, Nebraska last year in tornado country. The highlight of her near visit was the record, 12’ tide and high waves that we viewed on Monday along the cliffs at the south of the island.

Tomorrow, we will join the Saturday work team to brush, floss the carriage road border rocks, clean out carriage road ditches etc.

The weather has been perfect with Irene’s exit with weather like we enjoy in Florida in the winter months.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

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