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The Shambles, York

York Minister

Korina @ the York Minister

Korina @ the York city walls

Korina @ the tower of York

Howard Castle

Fountain @ Howard Castle

Korina @ Howard Castle

Korina & peacock

Korina @ the Temple of the 4 winds @ Howard Castle

Korina @ the Temple

Medieval approach to the castle

Spent weekend with Korina exploring some of the more touristy attractions in the North of England.

Saturday was spent walking around York, looking at the medieval architecture and attending a food and wine festival. Pretty crazy little streets, amusingly enough called 'the Shambles'. After York, we had a look at Howard Castle, which is still lived in by some tofts unsurprisingly named Howard. Pretty impressive, but really brought home to me how there exists her an upper class of such wealth that just does not exist in New Zealand. 10,000 acre residence - not really a proper farm, just a playground for its owners.

On Sunday we then cruised up to Scarsborough taking in another castle and the funfair, before heading on up to Whitby, where Captain Cook learnt to sail. Went to the Abbey at Whitby as well as the Captain Cook memorial museum. A pretty interesting day, full of history. Scarsborough and Whitby were crazy-busy - and both look to be popular weekend destinations for hoards of English. Unfortunately someone (me) forgot to bring the camera, so no pictures from Sunday - which is quite a pity as the weather was good and some of the ruins were pretty amazing. Bit of 'ruin-fatigue' setting in though!

On the way home, a couple of cars starting flashing us, leading me to think that something may be wrong with Fritz. So we stopped, had a look at the back of the car and could detect nothing that would lead to people wanting us to stop. After the 2nd occassion, and due to the relatively heavy traffic all the way home, we started to think people may flash you here just so you will pull over and they can push in in front of you. If this is the case its pretty bastardly if you ask me!

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