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View of a bit of Aberdeen Harbour from our little boat

Some boats!

Some boats like ours moored up!

View of the back of Jumbo's Floating Restaurant. It looks better from...

Em didn't take her eyes off of the restaurant!

Front view of Jumbo's. It was very big as the name suggests!

I told you!!!!


Our lady wasn't hanging around!

The dragons at the entrance...........

It was all very official in there!

It gets a lot more busy at night aparently!!

We got a tram in the evening. Not sure where too now...

After our relaxing day yesterday we thought we'd have a bit of a relaxing day today as well!

Our plan was to go to Aberdeen (a harbour town) and then go up on the cable car to the Ngong Ping village and Tian Tan giant budha however as we didn't get up till late we just went down to Aberdeen!

We got a bus down to aberdeen for about 50p each from right outside our hotel which was very handy. Aberdeen wasn't particularily easy to find however. I think we found it anyway! It wasn't quite what we were expecting (or like you see on the films) it was just some boats moored up against the side of the harbour really.

It was still interesting but hunger took our concentraion away about 20 minutes after we got there so we got a boat across the harbour to catch some lunch at the 'famous' Jumbo's Floating Restaurant.

We caught a boat 'tour' thing from the side of the harbour. We had to haggle with the old lady down to about 60HKD (4.00GBP) for a half an hour tour.

The half an hour 'tour' basically consisted of her driving the boat in silence!

After 10 minutes she drove past the Jumbo's so we just jumped off and had some lunch. Easiest 4 quid of her life!

It seemed very posh inside, and yes we felt out of place!

I had some prawns in noodles and Em had a Chicken and Rice dish. It was quite pricey and the waiter couldn't have been less impressed if he tried, but it was a nice experience and we got the FREE ferry back to land!!!

The free ferry moored back on the main land 1 jetty past the one we got the 'tour' from (like 5 ft away!!). If we had spotted that at the start she would have been 4 quid lighter!!

We got the bus back again and went past the Happy Valley race course. We had planned on having a little flutter this evening but we found out they don't have races in the summer so we'll have to find some other way to waste our money!!

We went out in the evening to try to find Hollywood Road which Em had read about. It was like Soho aparently so sounded like a cool place to have a few drinks.

We eventually found it and it seemed cool but quite quiet. We had a couple of drinks (in an irish pub - sorry!!) which was cool, right up until the point where Em got 'attacked' by a cockroach!!!

We left there about 5 seconds later.

As we were leaving we drove past the street I think we were looking for. It looked like a mardi gras was going on, hundreds of people, banging music, beer that flowed like wine!

Unfortunaley we we're already leaving though so kinda missed the boat there!!



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