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Our tent all set up and ready for the truck

Peter cooking supper

Connie unwinding with a couple(?) of glasses of wine

Hi Peter!

The Gangs all Here!

Heading for the water

Rotary Park kids splash park

Happy August Long Weekend to All...

On Saturday we have tornadoes near by, high winds, and all sorts of crappy weather and what do we do? Well the next day we head north to Stettler and decide to camp - in our tent....yup! But the days were sunny and warm - the evenings thunder, rain, lightning and some winds – but the 2nd major storm on Sunday night headed more northeast and missed us in our tent! Yes, we were very happy about that.

Once we arrived, we wondered if we were going to be able to actually get a campsite – it was the long weekend and we were not sure if we’d be able to stay since most campgrounds were full – but I think some people headed home after the storm on Saturday night – lucky for us. I think with the weather predictions Peter was actually hoping we would NOT get a campsite. But we did and when we knew we’d be staying overnight we started calling some friends to get together today for an impromptu picnic. It was great. The weather stayed sunny and pretty warm, we had lots of food and a really good visit with everyone. Later in the evening Peter & I took a stroll through the Stettler Rotary Park. We were very impressed with the park and campground too...a nice place to stay and very reasonably priced.

At times we really do consider staying in Alberta close to all the friends we have known since way back in the 80s…..but then we remember the long, cold (down to -30s), snowy winters and we give our heads a shake and realize we will be heading back to the island. At least there we only get a couple of weeks of really cold (-10) and snow and then it starts to warm up again....we can handle that! Aorry guys, we'd love to stay....but the weather is just too cold....

Hope everyone is well – till the next time – Peter & Connie

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