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Working at Sun Peaks - actually if you look closely, he's looking...

Living room of the townhouse

Front deck and hot tub

Ski run from the front door

The main ski hills - there are 120 runs altogether on three...

The Village

Larry in the hot tub

The front of the townhouse

We arrived in Vernon to our RV lot on September 6. The neighbour across from us has been keeping up the grass cutting and hedge maintenance, and the site has been rented out almost every day since April. It's a great spot!

When we were in Victoria, Larry had found out that a lady that used to work with him at Electrohome lived in Vernon. So we looked Joyce up and they came over one afternoon for drinks. On the 10th, Larry and Maureen went golfing at Spallumcheen. On the first hole we discovered other friends of ours, Ken and Mavis, who also live in Vernon and that we had met up with in Yuma over the winter, were on the third hole. At the end of the first hole, we discovered that Joyce and Stan were on the ninth hole! We stopped for drinks with all of them at the clubhouse after.

Maureen had put a message on Facebook that if anyone were driving by Vernon to stop in - and sure enough, Jim and Ingrid from South Surrey did! They were staying in our park for a few days.

On the 11th we went to Sun Peaks for a couple of nights. Larry had won this accommodation at a Rotary Golf Tournament courtesy of Glenn and Lori. It was a beautiful place to stay. These winter destinations, even though billed as four seasons, are a bit wasted on us - we don't hike or mountain bike! However, as mentioned it is a lovely spot and was very quiet. The first day we got there was quite hot. It got colder the next day and when we woke up on Saturday morning there was frost on the pumpkin (er, hot tub lid)! On Friday the weather was unsettled - sun, rain, snow. There is lots of construction going on up there as there is everywhere. It reminded us a lot of Whistler before it was really discovered. As you can see there are lots of ski runs. There is also a golf course up there. Several of the restaurants were closed and the grocery store is minimal - Friday for lunch we had Hamburger Helper made with tuna (not a good substitute). The pub was a good place to eat and the pizza joint, Rocky Mountain Pizza, was excellent.

So then it's back to Vernon for a couple of days. Jim and Ingrid came over for dinner on Saturday. It was finally warm enough to eat outside - something we've been dreaming of for a year!

We spent Sunday packing and doing laundry and then look out, New York here we come!

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