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Margot ready for heavy rains

Home of Winnie the Pooh


Wawa - Home of the Goose

Day 38 White Lake to Wawa

127.12 km 5 hr 20 mins 23.8kph total time 6 ½ hrs..

Brilliant sound & light show about 4 am - lots of lightning ( lighting up the inside of the tent) followed by very loud cracks of ribbling thunder . And then the rain.... Woke at 6 with the alarm, to the pitter - patter of rain on the tent, and with a relatively easy day of only 129 kms to rest day, reset the alarm for 7 - at 7 still raining - read my book for another 15 minutes - then got out of the tent. Just drizzling by now , the galley crew had set up the canopy, and had managed to cook boiled eggs ( hard & soft (my favourite). Their efforts were greatly appreciated.

The rain stopped by 0800 and we were able to get packed up . While removing the pump hose from my valve the valve separated form the tube- flat tire ( rear one of course) - fixed that & we were on our way by 0900 - quite warm ( & humid) no rain . Every morning we all inflate our tires - we will loose 5 to 15 psi every day/night - correct inflation ( about 110 to 120 psi for most tires on the tour) means a lot easier travelling . Margo was well prepared for the forecasted day of more and possibly heavier rains (with life jacket found on the rode yesterday)


We left under clearing skies , however within 5kms it started to drizzle then rain - We kept going to White River (40kms) in the rain - without our raingear. White River

is the origin of the inspiration of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh . The town celebrates Winnie the Pooh days every summer. We stopped at a donut store ( about 15 of us in the store at one point) for hot drinks & to get dry . We continued in the rain ( with rain gear )

with a small tail wind, the rain soon stopped, the sun came out for 5 minutes, then cloud, then winds changed to strong head and cross winds - Passed through moe northern Ontario forests - about 10kms of area that has been burnt out about 5-10 years ago ( too much rain to stop for photo)

In Wawa

we stayed at Wawa RV Resort & Campground (do not be fooled by the "resort' nomenclature - they have a swimming pool).

Donna had lived in Wawa several years ago & knew many people in town (also there is a Tour du Canada 2002 veteran in Wawa) - Donna's friends had arranged a spectacular pot-luck dinner for us ( hosted by Hospitla, town Council, friends of Donnas and the Red Hat ladies) - it was served in the conference room of the local hospital - we ate outside on the terrace overlooking Wawa Lake - a beautiful setting. A fantastic meal ... greatly enjoyed by all. On the way back to camp , a few bears at the local bars..

During the night we heard yelling about 4 am - a woman & her 94 year old mother had travelled now stop 1100 km by car to Wawa , arriving late at night they pulled into the campground & went to sleep in the car. The mother had to got to the bathroom at 4 am , however they could not get the car doors open- they had left something running the car the battery died and somehow so did the car locks. Meagan also on the way to the washroom called the fire department who subsequently arrived to open the car.. - aah the excitement in small town Canada!!!

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