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Poverty Bay, the bay which Gisborne is on

We left Taupo for Gisborne at about 8:30. This was a long day of driving and in winter it means that you arrive in Gisborne after dark. On the way we stopped at a cool water fall. Our first stop was at the city of Napier. This city was leveled by and earthquake in the 1930's (I think) and was rebuilt in an Art Deco motif. It is said to be an Art Deco capital of the world. Now I am not really sure what Art Deco is, but apparently I saw it. We then continued driving and eventually made it to Poverty Bay. Gisborne is in the Poverty bay area and was named such because when Captain Cook arrived here he hoped to replenish his stocks and repair his ships but left with nothing thought only poverty can be saved from staying here.

Anyways, the big thing in the summer with Gisborne is surfing. We stayed at a surf chalet right on the coast and if it hadn't been so cold and the swells hadn't been so brutal I may have given it a go. Instead I spent the night with a bunch of under 20's watching them get drunk on "Goon", a cheap baggie of wine. I don't regret giving up the alcohol, especially now that I remember what getting totally smashed looks like. I never really got out of hand with the booze, but the longer I go without it the less I miss it.

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