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Fairy Slipper Orchid

Looking towards Taylor Park Reservoir

Susan Mooney, one of our campers

Looking down on One Mile Campground

Len taking a picture of us

Looking south of the campground

The boulders we climbed around to get to our lookout

High above the campground

Ivy Grapes

This flower is only a little over 1'' big...precious

Looks like it is praying

Looking up from the campground...we were way up there

One of our campers, Susan Mooney asked me if I wanted to join her on a trail that goes straight up the mountain from behind our campground. Our final destination...the rock out cropping above the campground. I knew I couldn't get Len to go with me, he isn't much into being a mountain goat, so off Susan and I went.

It has been very windy here, so we started out around 10 am in hopes of getting back before the wind kicked up. Susan wasn't kidding. It was straight up! We had to use walking sticks to steady ourselves going up and coming down to stop ourselves from falling forward and tumbling down. As we headed up the mountainside I spotted this dainty little purple flower. Susan shared that it was a fairy slipper orchid. Seeing this alone was worth the hike for me!

We continued up clearing the path as it was the first trip up this spring, we reached the top coming out of the woods to a beautiful blue sky. No smoke today. We crept around some big boulders to overlook the campground. I called Len on his cell and he came up and took a picture of us looking victorious up on the top of the cliff. What a view from up there. It was a great hike, thanks Susan for sharing.

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