Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Hollywood Studios

Stunt car show

Back lot

Don, Bonnie and Ted

Just like your backyard


Front row seats

Very colorful

The Beast

From the launch

Don and Jeanne at their work place


Mr. Potato Head

Shirley is in Griffin Georgia the peach state. And the 5 of us did up Disney's Hollywood Studios. Shirley left Collins' and Scott's house in Dothan Alabama and drove her truck which she LOVES to Darci and John's house in Griffin. She is about an hour south of where we left the driveway in Decatur March 7, over a year ago. Don, Jeanne, Ted, Bonnie and moi went to Disney World and toured the Hollywood Studios theme park. Don and Jeanne work there and we all got in free! (Thanks folks). Bonnie recently had a hip replacement and Ted pushed her in a wheel chair they got from the EXACT place Don and Jeanne work. Going with someone in a wheel chair gets you to the front of the line. It was just another fantastic weather day. Sunny and very low 80s at the hottest part of the day. In the early evening we took the water launch to EPCOT and walked around the lake looking at the various country exhibits. EPCOT was my idea because I wanted to see the country's Don and Jeanne work during the flower and garden show which is going on now. Ted and Bonnie bought dinner for all of us at Panera near their hotel then be bade them a fond farewell as they head back to the Geneseo NY area where they live. All 6 of us (Shirley included) are SUNY Geneseo Grads. A great time is being had by all in two different states. Enjoy the pics.

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